Many people have a difficult time making a decision.

Here is a process that I learned years ago that works beautifully with EFT tapping. It especially works well when I feel incapable of making a choice that seems like the one.

  1. Take out a piece of paper and write out a decision you are struggling with.
  2. List as many options or choices you can think of. Get creative and don’t leave out the crazy absurd ones because they will assist your mind in coming up with even more. Force yourself to come up with at least 12-15.
  3. For each option fill in the blanks, If I say yes to this it makes me feel _ and if I say no it makes me feel _
  4. Condense the list to those that make you feel good and then without too much thought and judgment begin to write down your list of what ifs. The negative what ifs are completely based on fear and guess what, those are tappable! The positive what ifs are gifts to be entrained in your mind and should be tapped on daily to give you courage to take action.

What happens if you go through all this work and you fail even though you felt it was the right thing to do? Your spiritual growth depends on what often may have seemed to have been a poor choice yet it requires such a move nonetheless. Trust is the key to accepting the pain of spiritual growth 

Credit Alina Frank Master EFT Trainer