In 2002 my husband, Bob, and I made the huge leap into the world of horse ownership. We were so naïve. We wanted our girls who were 8 and 6 at the time to have a horse of their own. At Christmas that year we led them on a scavenger hunt around our little town until we got The Pony Farm where they were introduced to Fancy. Fancy was a spirited 12-year-old appendix quarter horse mare. We had no idea then all the lessons, adventures, heartbreaks and love that this horse would bring to us.

Lesson #1 Owning horses takes a lot of time.

Okay, the girls were too little to drive themselves to the barn. They weren’t quite tall enough to get the saddle up on the horse. And, someone needed to supervise them. Guess who that was, Yep, mom.

I loved being at the barn and watching the girls learn to ride and have fun. It was the life I had wanted for myself as a young girl. I loved the families we met through the barn and Pony Club. There was one fly in the ointment. Time at the barn was time away from my responsibilities. There was my work, the house ~ those chores aren’t going to do themselves. There were times when I felt really overwhelmed and guilty for spending time away from home and away from my husband. I always felt torn. Wanting to be with my girls and the horses but falling down on my responsibilities at home. I was in a constant struggle to make everyone happy. This was a pattern that I developed early on in my married life. I didn’t know the label for it until much later.

In 2017 a friend of mine, who is a licensed counselor, introduced me to a new way to deal with my struggle. She taught me to use EFT. The first time she took me through the sequence I thought “this is weird” but it really took the edge off of the emotion I was feeling and over the course of time helped me overcome by “co-dependency”. When I start to feel torn, I identify what event has happened, or do I perceive to potentially happen. I tap on it and that feeling either decreases significantly, or goes away all together. This help me make better decisions and has improved my self-esteem. I feel more confident and freer to make a choice because I don’t have to feel bad about the choice I make.

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